Artist. Philosopher. Channeler. Mystic.



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Meara Luna

Philosopher, writer, oracle, and artist exploring mythology, mysticism, mental health, belonging, and living an ethical, empowered, and embodied life.


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Personal Readings

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I tap into your Akashic Records (your soul history and energy) as well as communicate with your spirit guides.

You will receive guidance from your higher self to provide clarity on purpose, career, connections and more.  You may also learn about past lives and connect with ancestors/loved ones. No two readings are ever the same.

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Inspirational videos, channeled messages, and a 365 day (in-process) daily vlog series sharing my authentic daily life navigating a spiritual journey in our modern world.



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This incredible woman was my coach for three months this winter!  She is a dedicated light worker and a powerful channel for the akashics.


She was such a powerful mirror for me and offered great support and space for me to grow and discover more of my potential.  She works with astrology, human design, tarot... the perfect coach for someone with many passions and eager to explore multiple paths like me.

- KH

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I've been working with Meara for months and she's helped me understand so many patterns and transform so many false statements lingering in my subconscious.


She's very intuitive and always has my best interest at heart. I always feel safe with her and I can finally open up, be vulnerable and truly authentic, both in my shadow and my light.


I'm on a path of transformation, raising my vibration, healing and bringing in abundance in all aspects of life.


She's helping me stay in my power, set boundaries, heal old wounds and elevate. I could never thank her enough. She's really helped me blossom and realign my life. She's so much more than a mentor.


Really, thank you


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I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I feel very seen and hear the words from the records and hope I can follow my heart and breakthrough my fears. 


Thank you sweet soul sister.

- MV



Denver, CO

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