Hey There

This is maybe my fifth or sixth About Page in the last two years since I've started my business (I doubt it will be the last).  Since then I've lived many iterations of myself and have watched most of those iterations fall away -- lessons learned.  Maybe it's the Scorpio in me (Scorpio sun here), but the life of a phoenix seems to be my norm, so instead of trying to hold onto the ephemeral of what I am (energy worker, reiki practitioner, writer, researcher, coach, mentor, etc.) I'll see if I can truly capture the who I am.


All About Me

From as far back as I can remember, I've longed to help, support, and fill people with love.  Love was an energy that made so much sense to me as the logical energy to be in and yet all around me people fought it, resisted it, or simply lacked it.

I spent most of my younger years, like many of us, trying to force love into all the people around me.  I thought I seemed to have the right way of life, so I just needed to control everything and everyone around me to get everyone else on the same page.  Shockingly, that didn't work out well for anyone.

At the same time, I found myself growing more and more distant from that love I remembered so clearly.  It just didn't seem to fit in this world.  I didn't seem to fit in this world.  I loved fantasy, and nature, and sitting silent with the thriving buzz of the world, and the endless curiosities sensitivity would always bring to me.  I wanted to know everything about everything.  I wanted to feel and connect and dive deep and create. 


But when I reached out with this energy, I was met with confusion and rejection.  I was told all those things that I loved were holding me back.  In fact, according to the world, all the things I was and all the things I loved were going to keep me from ever having what I wanted.  That's the contradiction we constantly teach our children:  Stop playing and enjoying that thing you love, it's taking your time away from playing someone else's game.  Only that game will bring you happiness.  We all hold happiness in our hands and are told to throw it away so we can then go chase it.

And like many nonsensical things, it's not completely devoid of truth.  Things that are completely devoid of truth don't stick around very long in our collective consciousness.  However many things that are mostly untrue but have a kernel of impeccable truth at their core, do stick around.  My fascination lies in exploring these common "truths" and pulling back the layers to find what lies beneath.

I spent most of my life playing someone else's game.  I was even winning by someone else's rules, but I was empty, anxious, depressed, and lost.  Then I found the Akashic records, met my spirit guides and had my life completely cracked open.  It felt (feels) like falling apart and flying and fear and freedom.

Over the past two years, I've been exploring what it means to offer love as a true gift, not as force.  I've been unwinding common "wisdom" and exploring all the layers that I find within.  From these layers, I'm creating a new "handbook" of wisdom that is based on each of us individually and our different needs rather than "catch all" wisdom that leaves as many of us out as it manages to include.

This is what I offer to you, whether it is in my Akashic Readings or mentorship.  I offer you years of experience in the system and stepping outside of it.  I offer you researched and intuited skills, insights, and reflections.  And I offer you love when you are ready to accept it.

If you'd like to know more, I'm currently running a 365 daily vlogged journal where I share my own raw, messy, and meandering journey on my Youtube.  

Meara Luna