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And the Reality is Not Everyone Choses to Grow.

Lots of people walk up to the precipice. The line between what they've known and where they want to be. And in that chasm they see all the people who have tried and been torn down. They see all the people who try and try and never make it past average. All the ways they'll have to be "seen" and all the ways that makes them vulnerable.

Some people never muster the strength to make that leap. Some never have access to the tools or are called away by the realities of survival.

Growth always comes with a price. That price is usually far less than the price you pay to stay where you are, but it's not free. And it comes with no guarantees. We sometimes don't recognize the bounties of our growth until many years later.

Growth requires resiliency. Resiliency requires you to be able to fail, learn, and try again. Growth doesn't promise any outcome. There's no "congrats, here's your complimentary $1,000,000 for getting out of your comfort zones."

It requires faith, but not blind faith. Growth requires you to learn which requires you to *look.*. To see yourself. To see your flaws and shortcomings.

Taking the leap off that precipice does often feel like you're hitting rock bottom, not because you're actually going backwards, but because you're no longer able to pretend you have everything figured out. It's like being the best football star at your high school and then joining the big leagues. When your world expands, it's likely to make you feel smaller at first.

There's many, many good reasons not to grow past what you absolutely have to. It's kind of like an extra-credit assignment when you've got a full workload already.

So to you who are facing your fears and doubts and shadows to resolutely dedicate yourself to your growth, I applaud you. It will get messy, keep going.

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