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Hollow Living and the Way Out Of It

Updated: Jan 7

Many of us are walking in an in-between world where our external life seems to fit the societal narrative of healthy living, but our internal world feels empty, lackluster, and exhausted.


Like a dead tree outwardly looks close enough to its thriving neighbor, the inside tells of a far different story.

We walk through our lives holding loneliness, misery, boredom, worry, apathy, unrest, insecurity, uncertainty, exhaustion close to our chests in a forest of people doing just the same thing.

​We discover people who really do seem to be "making it," just like we're told we're supposed to and we light up at finally, maybe, finding an example to follow - a truth we can stand by.

Maybe if we just push and prune ourselves a little further, and a little closer to what society asks of us then we really will achieve "better" ...happier? ...prouder? ...special-er?

Maybe better is just on the other side of that promotion, that fancy cheese board, that new jacket, that marriage, that house...

But then those people "making it" break down and fall apart or admit they're just as lonely and exhausted as the rest of us ...

And part of us feels validated that pushing ourselves that little bit more won't actually help

or being born that little bit (or a lot bit) more privileged isn't actually the answer

or that we're not alone in not having the answer.

But the other part of us aches ever the more deeply for the seemingly continued confirmation that the life of joy, passion, connection, love, community, accomplishment, achievement, laughter, elation, delight, ecstasy truly is just an unreachable fantasy.


There are moments, glimpses, between all the hollow people and all the hollow living, of true love, true connection, true valor, true virtue, true passion, true authenticity.

Sometimes it is within yourself, even just for a flash. Sometimes it's a chance encounter between two strangers or between the very best of friends.

Wherever it shows up, the authenticity of it, the truth of it lights up your heart with hope - with that undimmable recognition of potential.

And that hope is given fuel by those rare occasions that you find a person who embodies those qualities mind, body, and soul.

Their magic isn't in being happy all the time, nor in having perfect lives, but in their assuredness of manner, in their unshakable optimism, their generosity of spirit, their graciousness in accepting critique, in their curiosity, their creativity, and in their radiating sense of purpose.

Their lives are just as messy, imperfect, and complex as the rest of ours, but somehow, on them, the messiness and the realness is a breath of fresh air rather than quicksand that sucks us in and pulls us under.

They know their worth, their sovereignty, their inner power which allows them to walk any situation firmly in their truth - a truth that always has space to grow, learn, and recognize the truth of those around them.


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