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Is It Manifestation or Is It A Lot of Other Things?

Manifestation optimism and removal of limiting beliefs has enormous power. Persistence but, in particular, persistence that adapts and matures is a key recipe to successfully achieving and attaining what you want. So definite truth there.

BUT are there limits to this? I see lots of spiritual people silencing people's doubts, concerns, hurts, and needs with the band-aid panacea of "just stop doubting and looking and the lack and boom! You're golden ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘"

Maybe they're right, but healing limiting beliefs can be a very complicated process especially if you're still in the environment that created them or have never experienced the feeling of safety in trying something new or all sorts of other situations and it creates a level of blame.

You'd be safe and happy if you just fucking stopped stopping yourself, duh! ....maybe not helpful.

Not to mention the implicit shaming of "negative emotions."

Plus a common trauma response is adopting a need to control and feel like we have some control over ultimately uncontrollable circumstances....which certainly seems to be factoring into this belief system.

Lastly, it ignores outside influences that are actively trying to stifle or suppress your potential success and growth and what degree that impacts. Aka things like abusive families, racism, sexism, queer-phobia, etc.

So what's the line? How can we share our important wisdom without boiling it down so much that we lose important nuance?

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