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Manifesting: "The Secret" is Only Part of the Equation

Maybe the universe is giving you what you're asking for, but if it doesn't feel like it, maybe you're asking the wrong questions.


This is something I'm currently exploring in my life. I've manifested a lot this year and managed to get a lot of what I needed, but also a lot that was missing the mark of what I *really* wanted.

I've manifested ideal clients in my business, but not enough to give me the financial security I'm hoping for. I've manifested the financial security and even a home in Boulder, Colorado (the house is currently selling for $675,000 ...not to or for me though). Unfortunately, it was tied to all sorts of other complications and not really the emotional fulfillment I dream of. I've manifested lovely connections, but couldn't feel the fulfillment from them until I did the work to stand in my truth so I knew they truly liked me to *me* and not for my carefully curated mask.

The more I've worked on myself, often begrudgingly (let's be honest, it is *uncomfortable* even *miserable*), though, the more I've learned what it is I do want. The more I work on myself, the more I feel empowered to pursue what I want. To be vulnerable at the expense of being disliked, but at the reward of knowing when I am liked, it's actually real. To face my imposter syndrome and my doubts and see them for the carefully disguised fears of the unknown that they are.

The more I do the work, the more I know exactly what I want (not big, bold, vague concepts) and know I can take the steps towards that direction. Whether the universe is meeting my energy, or I'm just so connected to what exactly I want that eventually, I have to fill it, it doesn't matter. But it does work.

This is why we need to get clear on who we are and what we want, and create accessibility for the collective to then pursue our unique wants.

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