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Wellness Can't Be Defined By An Unwell Society

Do we have an epidemic of ADHD? Or have we perhaps built our society around having kids sit still and learn by watching writing on a board for 6-8 hours straight and then wonder why they have an excess of energy... Not to mention how even completely savory foods tend to have added sugar these days

Do we have an epidemic of people with anxiety? Or do we have a society built around ignoring one's inner instincts and awarenesses, silencing their inner experience and glorifying the expertise of others and then wonder why people worry about making decisions without someone else telling them how to do it?

Do we have an epidemic of depression? Or do we have a society that is becoming increasingly polarized especially with wealth disparity where the younger generations are watching live, the bar to having comfortable stability be pulled farther and farther away from them and their concerns invalidated as being "too weak" even as the whole world is facing a pandemic, constant fires, bigger hurricane seasons, rising sea levels, continued mass extinction of animal and plant species, ... etc.

Maybe we don't actually have as many mental illnesses as we thought we did. Maybe the issue is not with our humanness but with how we're relating to our humanness. With what we deem civilized society (lots of sitting), strong vs weak (emotionless/"rational" vs. in tune with our entire internal systems), the way things have 'always' been done (spoiler alert: the world and human structures have change ALOT over our span as a species. In fact, it's literally changing all the time)

Do you have mental illness or are you having a healthy response to a world that's not very healthy?

Maybe it's a good thing to not "fit in."

That being said, take care of yourself the way you need to. Just know that the lines of wellness/illness can be drawn more than one way.

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