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What Happens In A Session

Updated: Jan 7

Every first session is 90 minutes and will include an overview of your astrological natal chart, your human design, and intuitive information I receive to give you an overview of your natural patterns, the lessons you're meant to learn, and tools on how you're meant to best navigate this life.

In following sessions, we will identify your core values, beliefs, and goals with action steps towards aligning with them.

We will get you to start to tune into your body for physiological and emotional information and responses. Then we will build your vocabulary and your appreciation of what those emotions/sensations mean for you and your body.

This physical awareness builds a new layer of trust for yourself, especially for sensitive individuals, because we are so often told how we're supposed to feel/interpret/ignore and/or engage with our bodies and emotions.

This connection to the body also allows us to connect to trapped emotions/beliefs that are held within the physical body.

Many people "know" they should change, but can't get their bodies to open to that change. This is because the body is still trying to protect you from something that is neurologically deemed dangerous. Somatic work is much faster and more effective at teaching the nervous system new patterns of "safe," than mental efforting alone.

Most of us never had a chance to truly play and experiment with living. We were quickly given rules to live by that blocked everything into right or wrong.

These sessions are your space to play and try out life. I hold safe space to bounce your ideas, open to interests you were never "allowed" to have, give you permission to hold boundaries, permission to have all emotions - even (especially) the "bad" ones, to be deeply heard, to practice autonomous decision-making, and to make choices just because you want to.

We will do some ancestral work and heal anything that isn't serving you from past generations in the journey space.

We will help you build your intuition and any psychic gifts you have while finding the limits and the responsibility in those abilities.

We will help you connect to your highest self and build your confidence to pursue the life that is aligned with that highest self.

We will help you relate to others in whole new ways where you and they can both be in authenticity and find harmony.

This work is playful but it is far from superficial. You will meet your deep shadows. You will have growing pains. You will be stretched and strengthened. But most importantly, you will meet yourself, know yourself, and someday (often sooner than you expect) love yourself and this great big world that you inhabit.

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