When Even Our Voices Can Be Replicated, Discernment Becomes Even More Necessary

Today, I listened to a report on the radio about how our technology is advancing far enough to convincingly replicate people's voices and images. The scary implication is that people could use your (or someone you look to for leadership)'s image to say anything they wanted you to say and you would have a difficult time disproving it.

What this shows me is how important it is for us to learn discernment in messages from any sort. We need to release our dependency on trusting certain people/certain sources as reliable truth and rebuild our own capacity to recognize it no matter the source.

It's a great blessing to have people to look up to and to rely on, but we are all human, fallible, and only versed in a certain window to the world. Even in the best cases, we are still best served to cultivate our own discernment. It is also the key to bridging opposing views and creating greater community and connection rather than the increasingly divided and entrenched direction we have been going

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