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Updated: Jan 7

I work with people who are high-achievers, do-gooders, healers, fighters, creators, and lovers. I work with people who have insatiable curiosities and even if they see themselves as pessimists and realists, have an unshakeable desire to elevate the good in the world.

I work with people who have been told their sensitivity, their empathy, their kindness, and their compassion are weaknesses and who would still rather be weak than hurtful.

I work with people who have managed to succeed by society's standards ten-times over and still honor that their hearts want more. People who, despite being told over and over again that "this is all there is," and "you have it all, you should be happy," refuse to settle for anything less than incredible. Fine doesn't cut it.

I work with people who were taught that spirituality, magic, intuition, and science are incompatible even though their inner truth has always whispered otherwise.

My people are smart, funny, kind, angry, irritable, patient, passionate, devoted, expansive, insecure, abundant, fearful, sensitive, intuitive, psychic, calm, bubbly...and so much more, because, while many of my people are recovering perfectionists and people-pleasers who didn't always want to admit this, my people are beautifully, perfectly, imperfectly whole, complex, and too-expansive-to-ever-fit-into-anyone-else's-box.

I work with people who are ready to know themselves inside and out. Those who are ready to face the hollowness of their lives and are brave enough to mine their depths. Those who know that by facing our shadows, we create the space to live in our joy, our authenticity, our sovereignty without guilt, confusion, or self-consciousness.

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