Audio Energy Akashic Reading

Readings are channeled in the first person from your spirit guides and the energy of your higher self.  After you book your reading, I will tap into your energy and record any messages that come through. You will then receive a 20 minute .mp3 audio file of your reading.  The reading can offer guidance, clarity, confirmations, perspective shifts, as well as messages of support.  These readings can also offer energetic activations, trigger past life memories, and act as a powerful mirror.  

Readings are completely confidential.


5-9 minute reading - $12 USD For a quick check-in to your energy

20 min reading -$44 USD

If you would like a longer reading, you may buy two readings at once (up to a 40 minute reading) .

Please email me at to book.

Let's Work Together


"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I feel very seen and hear the words from the records and hope I can follow my heart and breakthrough my fears.  Thank you sweet soul sister."